Unveiling the Elegance of Kiki - A True Masterpiece

Unveiling the Elegance of Kiki - A True Masterpiece

We are thrilled to introduce our latest creation, Kiki, a wine that embodies the artistry of winemaking and the beauty of the vine. Named after the youngest sister Kiki Mikulic, our Sister Series is crafted in only the finest vintages. This 100% Merlot was harvested in 2021 from carefully selected vineyards across the Okanagan Valley where the terroir is nothing short of exceptional.

A Vintage Selection: The Sister Series wines are only made in superior vintages and Kiki was the result of a meticulous process that begins with the careful selection of fruit. Only the best Merlot grapes from the 2021 harvest, with an average of 25 brix, were chosen. The exceptional and unique terroir of the Okanagan Valley allows us to sort from vineyards across multiple regions that provided the ideal conditions for these grapes to flourish.

The Art of Winemaking: Once the grapes were harvested, they were de-stemmed and gently crushed to extract the juice of the fruit. The journey towards crafting our Merlot continued with a cold soak that lasted up to seven days. This process allowed the grapes to impart their rich and nuanced flavours to the wine.

Precision in Fermentation: Fermentation is a critical stage in winemaking, and for Kiki, it was executed with precision. In a temperature-controlled environment, fermentation began, ensuring a steady and controlled transformation of the grape juice into wine. This delicate balance is fundamental to achieving the wine's unique character.

A Dance with French Barrels: Once fermentation was complete, the wine was pressed off from the grape skins, setting the stage for the next chapter of its journey. Our Merlot continued to evolve as it entered into French oak barrels. Here, the wine underwent a secondary fermentation, known as malolactic fermentation, adding depth and complexity to its profile.

Time, Patience, and Perfection: Kiki's journey spanned 21 months, during which the wine was carefully monitored and nurtured to reach its full potential. The long aging process allowed the wine to mature and develop its unique character, with nuances that can only be achieved with time.

The Grand Finale: After reaching the peak of perfection, Kiki was fined, filtered, and finally bottled. It was at this moment that we knew we had created something truly extraordinary.

Savour the Elegance: We invite you to savour "Kiki"—a wine that embodies the dedication, craftsmanship, and passion that goes into every bottle we create. With its rich, velvety texture, enchanting aromas of dark fruits, and a story that unfolds with each sip, our Merlot is more than a wine; it's an experience.

Mark your calendars and prepare your glasses, for this latest Sister Series wine will be released on October 14th. Stay tuned for exclusive events and opportunities to be part of this exquisite journey.

Cheers, from our family to yours!

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